Thursday June 22 SOMArts Gallery Chocolate and Art Show SF: Aisla presents “Borderwall: an Epic Gematrialure”

Join Aisla Gallery at the SOMArts Cultural Center Thursday June 22 from 8 pm – 11:11 p.m. Chocolate and Art Show, Featuring Aisla’s Series : “Borderwall: an Epic Gematrailure”

Inspiration “Borderwall: Design and Violence”


….design a wall that features a life-saving water collection system, a solar farm, a treatment plant for waste water from the New River, a bi-national library.

The world needs not a useless wall, but cleaner water, universal access to education, and renewable energy. This will solve the problem rather than put it into parentheses. Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello know that cruel borders and empty violence must be put to rest. They dream not of a utopia—like the time of Arthurian legends in which Don Quixote lived—but of the end of the absurdity of a selectively porous border that only produces death and suffering. The artistic utopia of the wall converted into a place of light and transparency, without the shadow of hate, shows that another world is possible and invites us to fight for change.


Community Mural Project in Boston Area









San Francisco Civic Symphony Concert


Isadora Duncan Arts Festival, Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dance

San Francisco 2016


19th Annual Dionysian Festival , Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dance

20th Annual Dionysian Festival, Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dance San Francisco 2017

Mary Sano and her Duncan Dancers

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Mural Work



Something Wicked This Way Comes


Chocolate and Art Show San Francisco 

Benefit Show for Artists Healing Trauma


The Stories behind this Series of Paintings

“Good to Evil seems evil”

a Battle between Good and Evil, or Truth verses Deception

“All great music and deathless poems are written, in a fever of ecstasy; all paintings that move men to tears are painted in tears…” Elbert Hubbard

“The greater puzzle of universal wisdom and beauty that we have strived to honor through our work includes the profound legacies of world artistic and spiritual traditions, the innate integrity of human communities where people seek to live in social harmony, and that regenerative stream of life sustained upon the earth itself ”

 Luther E. Vann (Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love)

Be it painful, disorienting, contemplative, beautiful or joyful, Art arrests motion, time stands still by means of the (art)ificial; thereby transcending time, holding a moment fixed in “death” so that a hundred years later when a stranger looks at it, the moment “lives” again, reborn through inspiration.

The truth is often a gentle whisper, a point of light in the distance, a small candle flickering in the cacophony of a hypnotized, spellbound universe of obscurity. The warmth and light of  a single candle, a dim point of light in the distance beckons us toward the truth. This glimmer stands up to false light, deception, wickedness and even death.  The message is of strength, hope and celebration, and not to despair.