About the Art:

“The greater puzzle of universal wisdom and beauty that we have strived to honor through our work includes the profound legacies of world artistic and spiritual traditions, the innate integrity of human communities where people seek to live in social harmony, and that regenerative stream of life sustained upon the earth itself ”

— Luther E. Vann (Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love)

These works center around the creative expression of realms of reality that transcend the physical, time, and space. A translation of the transcendent is not necessary, creative expression is a human condition rooted in the Human Spirit. We as humans are are all driven to express and master our Spirit of Creativity, and to overcome various tests and challenges – our talents are another aspect of our unique expression of our immortal selves: our souls and spirit.

Be it painful, disorienting, contemplative, beautiful or joyful, Art arrests motion, time stands still by means of the (art)ificial; thereby transcending time, holding a moment fixed in “death” and a hundred years later when a stranger looks at it, the moment “lives” again…

About the Artist:

img_0612Aisla has been painting, making jewelry, sculpting, and playing the violin for over 30 years.

Aisla was born in London and grew up in El Paso Texas, a city which borders Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.  The town has a unique and rich cultural history, Mexican, Native American, European,  Asian, Middle Eastern and the American Southwest. The mix of culture and people in and around El Paso is reflected in the sights, smell and sounds, commerce, industry, science, music, food, arts, language, dance,  and history.  This unique meld of experience, culture and language is reflected in Aisla’s art.

Aisla has painted murals in New York City, Troy, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, Cambridge Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California. Her artwork has been featured in El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., Bethesda, MD, Boston and Cambridge, MA, Provincetown, RI, Aberdeen, Scotland, Paris France, San Francisco, CA and National Trust Sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Her music, art and jewelry have been featured at Rene Yanez’ Frida Kahlo Exhibitions at the deYoung, SFMOMA and SOMArts Gallery.  Aisla has performed as a violinist with the San Francisco Civic Symphony, the El Paso Youth Symphony, the Carnegie Hall Youth Symphony Orchestra, Troy Symphony Hall Music Programs and more.
Aisla has a degree in Engineering and has a img_5945background in Metallurgical and Materials Science. She learned foundry and casting techniques at the School of Mines Foundry in El Paso as part of research programs at the University Chemistry and Metallurgical Laboratories.  Much of her art illustrates the alchemy of engineering, science, music, literature and art. One of her favorite downtime activities in the Metallurgy laboratory foundry was casting “golden” (bronze) keys to the city for visiting dignitaries.  Aisla apprenticed at the El Paso Silver Company.  During her apprenticeship, she learned silversmithing and cabochon cutting with Native American Pueblo, Navajo and Tigua tribal artisan jewelers. She incorporates wire tooling and beading techniques taught to her by mentor artisans in her jewelry creations.

Aisla has volunteered with various educational, arts and music programs. She has advocated for access to quality Medical, Housing and Social Services for the Elderly, Disabled and Economically Disadvantaged families. Aisla testified before the US Congress during Bill Clinton’s administration under Secretary of Labor Robert Reich regarding workplace accommodation and the Family Medical Leave Act. Aisla has advocated for disability rights, workers rights, inventors rights, equal access, healthcare, housing rights, women’s rights, minority and women educational initiatives, STEM and STEAM programs, language, music and arts programs.

Aisla knows firsthand what it is to live with a debilitating physical limitations.  She has suffered from a painful neuromuscular condition for many years. She is also a mother of two young children.  As a mother living with an often debilitating condition, she understands various struggles that those who suffer with ‘hidden’ disabilities face.  She also advocates for patients and families of those who suffer with painful and debilitating neuro-immunological disorders. Creating art and music is a part of her therapeutic process.

Aisla’s collaboration included the 2017 20th Annual Dionysian Festival presented by Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dance , and 2018’s September 20th Anniversary Celebration Dreaming Dancing Isadora at the Oberlin Dance Company Theater in San Francisco.


Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 6.56.12 PM

The festival featured original works of dance, poetry, sculpture, multimedia, music and visual arts. Mary Sano choreographed two new dance works, and Tony Chapman. The festival highlight was Mary Sano’s original choreography entitled “Quatre Fleurs” (Four Flowers) featuring Benjamin Akeala Belew’s original piano composition. Benjamin also performed his music inspired by four of Aisla’s paintings, “Hydrangeas” , “Lily”, “Poppies” and “Cherry Blossoms”.

Aisla speaks Spanish, Portugese and French.

img_6100Aisla’s work has been selected for The 2016 and 2017 Chocolate and Art Show San Francisco.The Chocolate and Art Show contributes to positive social change by building a network of artists of all mediums, collectors and artist enthusiast to come together for two nights to celebrate the arts and raise awareness for the organization Artists for Trauma a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of trauma survivors by pairing recovering patients with established artists from various creative disciplines. Many of the artists are trauma survivors. Nearly 100 artists were selected to participate in the event. Over 6000 people attended the SOMArts Gallery show held Nov 11 and 12 2016,  December 14-15, 2017 and the next show will be November 10 and 11, 2018.

CosmonciousnessToo : The Declaration


Pasión por Frida Tableaux aux Vivants

Related Exhibition Frida Kahlo

Sunday, September 28, 2008

SFMOMA Schwab Room

Pasion por Frida Kahlo Exhibition SF MOMA


In the spirit of the tableaux he created for the Mexican Museum’s 1992 exhibition Pasión por Frida, Yañez enlisted models, artists, dancers and musicians to enact Kahlo paintings or moments in the artist’s life. To create the tableaux, Yañez conducted a search for “Muchas Fridas” who would bring the spirit of thartist to life with honor and passion.


Tableaux Vivants SF Moma
SF Moma Frida Kahlo – Tableaux aux Vivants
SF Moma Frida Kahlo – Tableaux aux Vivants
SF Moma Frida Kahlo – Tableaux aux Vivants